Check out the incredibly cute classes coming up!

Here is our Make-N-Take for 3-3

St. Patrick’s Day Pocket Letters
With Vonnie Winters

Wednesday March 7th at 1 pm
Thursday, March 9th at 6 pm

Easter Vignettes

Monday, March 12th at 1 pm
Tuesday, March 13th at 6 pm

Watercoloring Class

Join Sheila Rumney for this awesome adventure in Watercoloring.
This will be a monthly class throughout the remainder of 2018 where you can learn the basics of watercoloring.
At the end of the year you will have a beautiful keepsake book chalk full of pictures and ephemera.

Check with the store for more details on cost and products needed
March 15th 6 pm
April 19th 6 pm
May 17th 6 pm
(future dates will be announced)
Don’t hesitate to sign up as this class will be a popular choice

Authentique Jubilee
Mini Album in a Box

Wednesday, March 21st at 1 pm
Thursday, March 22nd at 6 pm

Authentique Dame Folio

Monday April 9th and Wednesday, April 11th at 1 pm

Tuesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 12th at 6 pm

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